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Sheesham Wood & Furniture

When it comes to wise furniture ideas, we all think of the design, the quality and the finish. But more than the design and the finish, quality trumps our selection. Quality and finish go hand in hand. If a wood is of good quality, then the finish would be smooth and the texture would be great. But if the wood is of bad quality, you can feel it by its texture. When it comes to choosing the ideal timber for furniture, many individuals swear by teak. Another marvellous alternative would be Sheesham wood. Why is sheesham wood a good alternative? It is simply a good timber that has been discovered by a majority of people.

Sheesham wood:

Sheesham wood is also referred to by another name. It is called the Indian Rosewood, mainly because of its abundance in India. It has a rich chestnut colour and a smooth texture. The trees reach over 30 foot in height. The wood is very strong and dense thus giving the furniture longevity. Almost anything can be made out of sheesham wood.

Although, the most commonly designed furniture from Sheesham wood are cabinets and drawers. This timber is very easy to design in the form of cabinets and has the smoothest finish, thus giving the whole piece of furniture, a rich look.


How to care for Sheesham wood?

For a wood that is found in an excellent shade of colour and the smoothest of textures, sheesham requires very little maintenance. This type of wood is rarely susceptible to termite attacks, thus ruling out chances of damages. You can leave the furniture without polishing if you like matte finishes compared to glossy ones. The dry wood would still be left untouched by termites. Isn’t that great?

For cleaning, use a mildly moistened cotton cloth and swipe gently over the surface. You should make sure that sheesham wood furniture stays away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight on any furniture can alter the colour of the wood. Similarly, never use water to clean the furniture as moisture can ruin the wood and the polish. A damp cloth is all you need.

When you use sheesham wood as a dining or coffee table, make sure you don’t place hot dishes directly as it can ruin the finish. Always use placemats and coasters on any type of wood to protect longevity.

If you care for your sheesham furniture, you will see that it is strong enough to be passed on from one generation to another.

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