Gratitude Wall

Stylla London team expresses utmost gratitude to all those individuals and organisations who have helped us in our journey. In this section we acknowledge some of those many people who have been instrumental to our success.

Thank you, India!

Our foremost gratitude to one of the greatest nations of the world - India. We are very fortunate as a company and individuals, to be born in a land of culture, creativity and immense growth opportunity. India's rich diversity empowers us to bring highest quality craftsmanship and products to your homes in the UK. India and the UK have several centuries long relationship and Stylla London is grateful to have deep roots in both nations.

Women Artisans

Being a highly diverse and most populous country in the world, a majority Indians still falls below poverty line with monthly incomes below £10. As such, women of such households have stepped up and learned some of the unique stitching techniques of kantha, embroidery, patchwork, cutwork and spend 6-8hrs a day in addition to their daily chores, in order to earn some more money for their families. We are immensely grateful to such women artisans for keeping these arts alive. We are determined to support them with better returns on their hard work and ensure continuity of the demand.

Woodcarving Artists

Mostly men, our woodcarving artists learn and pass on their skill of intricately carving designs on wood using simple tools, from generation to generation. No modern techniques like 3D printing can ever match the beauty of hand carved wood. Each piece becomes one of a kind due to the artistic improvisation and some minimal human error. Sometimes these men take 5-7 days to complete a single piece of items like our treasure chest. These under-rated gems of India often intentionally work for 12-14 hrs a day to complete their work in one go and ensure minimal variations in designing. We are focused in ensuring proper recognition of these artists and spread their work far beyond borders. We also encourage their managers to ensure they get proper infrastructure and a balanced work life.