Stylla London Story

Stylla London, a distinguished UK-registered brand since 2012, emerges from a deep admiration for exceptional designs and the exquisite talents of Indian artisans. Its genesis lies in the profound allure that Indian artistry has cast upon Europe for centuries. The brand curates an exceptional array of handcrafted home décor and gift items, sourced through Fair Trade practices, to grace countless homes with a touch of vitality and natural allure.

At its core, Stylla London presents a timeless collection encompassing classical, contemporary, and rustic home embellishments crafted from a rich palette of materials including 100% Sheesham Wood (Indian Rosewood), Copper, Brass, Silk, and Cotton. Fostering meaningful collaborations with ethical and established partners across India, the brand meticulously selects treasures from over a dozen remote Indian towns.

The vibrant tapestry of India's handicraft sector thrives in small villages, marked by labor-intensive craftsmanship and an absence of modern amenities. Stylla London, with a passionate commitment, assumes the role of a catalyst for economic growth, breathing life into artisan livelihoods while safeguarding their cultural heritage.

Our mission goes beyond commerce – we fervently seek out exceptional artisans and champion their craft, propelling it onto the global stage. We forge intimate connections with artisan families, community initiatives, and charities, nurturing symbiotic relationships with our suppliers. This enduring respect and admiration have fostered bonds that span generations.

While every brand encounters challenges, our narrative encountered a turning point in 2022 when Rhaggat International stepped in to rescue Stylla London from the brink. Under this new mantle, the brand has resurfaced with renewed vigor and an expansive vision. Stylla London's second chapter is characterized by its aspiration to introduce the opulent heritage and artistic essence of Indian handicrafts to the world through the avenues of e-commerce and online marketing.

Guided by a trinity of guiding principles, we shape our endeavors:

  1. Unwavering Fair Trade Commitment: We pledge to uphold the principles of Fair Trade, ensuring the just compensation of artisans for their remarkable creations.
  2. Guardians of the Environment: A conscientious approach underpins our operations, minimizing ecological impact and advocating for sustainable practices.
  3. Stakeholder Flourishment: We meticulously orchestrate our actions to yield positive outcomes for all stakeholders, from artisans to customers and beyond.

    Elevating the essence of Stylla London, our ethos materializes in three pillars:

    Treasures of Artistry: We transcend the role of mere traders. Our purpose is to safeguard and rejuvenate fading arts, breathing new life into them. Collaborating closely with artisans, we merge their traditional handicrafts with contemporary flair. Alternatively, we discover and spotlight exceptional finished products from across India, rendering them accessible to a global audience.

    Exceptional Value: Amid our meticulous design curation and stringent quality benchmarks, we ensure our offerings remain exceptionally competitive in pricing. This commitment to value is fortified by our steadfast policy of unwavering customer satisfaction, standing by your side whenever you need us.

    Empowering through Commerce: Acknowledging artisans as the lifeblood of our journey, we honor them as fervently as we do our patrons. Your acquisition supports artisans' sustenance, while a substantial portion of our proceeds bolsters artisan families through initiatives such as educational provisions for their progeny and emergency funds. We aspire to cultivate a generation empowered to directly engage with global patrons.


      In essence, this encapsulates the ethos of Stylla London – a blend of cultural admiration, ethical commerce, and artistic stewardship.